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Spring Air Conditioner Check Up Checklist

Having your home’s AC regularly checked is a key part of keeping it in working order for years to come. 

Even when it isn’t being used, your AC still faces a lot of wear and tear, whether through dirt or simply age. That’s why it’s important to schedule an air conditioner checkup as soon as you can.

For new homeowners, AC tune-ups and checks can seem daunting at first. You aren’t quite sure what goes on and what the technician will do. Fortunately, there are a few things that you as a homeowner can do, both for your peace of mind and to help speed up the maintenance visit. It is very important to have your whole HVAC system checked regularly to ensure its health and longevity. We’ve listed some due diligence items below. 

If you want a few more tips on what to do, consider consulting Smart Air’s professionals.

Clean the space around your AC

One of the first items on your AC spring tune-up and maintenance list should be clearing the space around the condenser unit. 

As the main part of the AC that’s kept outdoors, all kinds of dirt and debris can get into it. Regions with heavier rainfall can also see grass and plants around the condenser unit growing quickly until they get caught in the unit and prevent it from functioning as efficiently.

Many homeowners choose to use a specially-designed condenser unit cover that prevents dirt and bits of grass from entering the unit’s coils and makes the cleaning process easier. There’s still a chance of small animals and bugs still making a home there even when the unit is covered though, so checking it is still highly recommended.

Clean the vents and ducts

Though it can seem rather bothersome, cleaning out your ductwork and vent covers is another key task that should be on every homeowner’s spring air conditioner maintenance list. 

Typically, dust and debris can gather in the ducts over time. Cleaning out your AC’s ductwork is an important part of preparing for an air conditioner checkup, as it will allow you to receive full cooling capacity and unrestricted airflow from your AC.

Replace the air filter

If there’s one task that should be on everyone’s spring AC service to-do list, replacing the system’s air filter is the most important. 

Not many people realize that leaving it dirty for too long does more harm than good. Many of the core problems that can cause your AC and other HVAC systems to fail often link back to a dirty air filter. By replacing it, you can easily prevent key issues while also ensuring clean air.

Get your yearly AC maintenance done

Once all of these tasks (and a few smaller ones like fixing any leaking lines) are completed, the next thing you need to do in your air conditioner checkup checklist is schedule an appointment for your AC maintenance with Smart Air. 
Our technicians are licensed and trained to ensure that all the parts of your AC are functioning as intended, and can even refill any refrigerant or safely replace any parts as needed. Contact Smart Air today! Also check out some other helpful articles like spring HVAC tips and testing air quality in your home.