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OKC Guide to ONG Rebates for Home Efficiency Upgrades

While many homeowners in Oklahoma are considering upgrading or replacing their old air conditioners or furnaces, choosing a new model can be difficult to do. On top of how energy efficient or eco-friendly a unit can be, many are considering potential rebates to help them cover costs.

There are many different options for getting a new system installed as an Oklahoman homeowner. When it comes to fuel sources, natural gas is by far the best option, as it’s one of the most eco-friendly options. 

In this regard, ONG is your best choice of provider, as they also offer ONG rebates. We’ve listed some rebate programs below. If you’re interested in getting a new HVAC system installed, get in touch with Smart Air.

What are ONG rebates?

ONG, or Oklahoma Natural Gas, has several rebate programs based on specific gas-powered HVAC systems. Many of these rebates act as incentives to encourage customers to switch to and use energy-efficient and eco-friendly systems. 

Some of the rebate programs that ONG offers include:

  • The Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Program: This is the main rebate program that focuses on providing incentives to homeowners who install any energy-efficient gas systems, such as natural gas furnaces, heat pumps, and even air conditioners.
  • The Smart Energy Program: This program provides rebates for installing new smart thermostats and other energy-efficient systems in homes, as well as commercial buildings like apartments. ONG rebates on furnaces can be included here as well
  • The Home Energy Audit Program: ONG offers free home energy audits on top of rebates to homeowners to help them find areas where energy-saving improvements can be made. You can then receive the rebates for implementing the recommended upgrades

Other potential rebates for homeowners

If your furnace or air conditioner uses compressed natural gas instead, you might be more interested in the special tax credit Oklahoma has. 

The Oklahoma CNG tax credit (or Compressed Natural Gas Tax Credit) is specific to the HVAC systems that primarily use clean-burning methods. While it might be harder to find these kinds of gas HVAC systems, the rebates can end up saving you about 50% of the CNG HVAC system’s installation cost.

Basic natural gas rebates

Other ONG gas rebates don’t rely on owning a furnace or an air conditioner. After all, each home has its own needs for system efficiency

Here are a few available rebates for other kinds of systems:

  • A new 95%+ efficient natural gas furnace or boiler installation will receive a $550 rebate
  • A rebate of $1,950 is given if a new natural gas furnace is installed as a substitute for an electric resistance furnace
  • Replace an electric heat pump with a new natural gas furnace and air conditioner and receive a $1,950 rebate

Take advantage of ONG rebates with a new system

These are just a few of the available rebates that homeowners can get. If you’re interested in replacing an old air conditioner or any other HVAC system to take advantage of any of these incentives, contact our team at Smart Air and we’ll help with installation!