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3 HVAC tips for spring maintenance

Working at its peak efficiency, your HVAC system can run throughout the day and well into the night, ensuring that your home and family are comfortable and cool. But when an AC or heater suddenly stops working for whatever reason, many homeowners scramble to fix the problem.

Fortunately, simple maintenance can help prevent problems and even reduce the chances of existing issues worsening. We’ve listed some HVAC tips below for you to follow. 

If you find yourself in need of repairs, replacements, or more comprehensive maintenance, it’s best to schedule a servicing appointment with a professional. Our team at Smart Air is ready to help whenever you need us.

  1. Clean the unit and its surroundings

One of the best spring HVAC tips that many homeowners can do on their own is clean their units.

People often stay home longer during the colder season, leading to a lot of dust and grime buildup by the time spring comes around.

It’s important to not only clean your indoor unit, but your outdoor unit as well to ensure the entire system runs smoothly as needed.

Changing seasons from winter to spring brings about melting snow and frequent rain. That, combined with dirt and other debris, can cause your outdoor unit to slow down. Make sure to clear the outdoor unit’s surroundings by making sure no stray grass or plant matter can jam the unit.

  1. Check and replace the filters

Another one of our HVAC tips is checking and replacing (if needed) your unit’s filter, as most unit problems are often connected to the system’s air filter. 

The filter is, after all, what keeps your home’s air clean and free of allergens, with the filter trapping any debris before it enters living spaces. Lingering debris that collects can block airflow, leading to problems later on. 

Therefore, one of the best HVAC maintenance tips to ensure efficient airflow is checking the air filter and replacing it if necessary.

  1. Look for any breaks or leaks

One of the most important steps that should be on every homeowner’s spring HVAC maintenance checklist is checking their unit’s visible connections and tubing for any breaks or leaks. 

These small cracks and nicks can often be found in a system’s condensate line, or even in its refrigerant lines. While checking your unit for dirt, make sure to take off the cover and check for any leaks. Some leaks (like the ones on your refrigerant line) shouldn’t be fixed without professional help. 

Checking for cracks and leaks is incredibly important. The sooner you find the problem, the less damage your unit will further sustain.

Schedule a servicing appointment with Smart Air

These are just a few HVAC tips that you can follow. Ensuring your system works well is important, as it keeps your home comfortable.

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