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HVAC maintenance checklist for the new year

The new year means new habits and a fresh start. One important goal for home maintenance going into the new year should always be properly maintaining your HVAC system. After all, these systems keep homes comfortable throughout the year.

To help you get started with ensuring that everything is in order, we’ve gathered some of the most important items to add to an HVAC maintenance checklist at the start of the year. If, during the course of your checks, you’ve noticed that you need repairs or professional maintenance, consider contacting our team at Smart Air.

Check and clear out any debris from your outdoor unit

Checking to make sure that your system’s outdoor unit is clear of any surrounding debris should be one of the first items on your HVAC checklist. 

Over time, your unit may become covered with all sorts of dirt, snow, or foliage, which can pile up and interfere with the system’s proper functioning. Too much debris can eventually cause the outdoor unit to start failing too, leading to decreased efficiency in your home’s heating or cooling.

As the new year rolls in, make sure you include on your AC maintenance checklist setting aside a bit of time to clean the unit off. 

Depending on where your home is located and what the weather is typically like, this can be as simple as pushing snow off the unit and checking for any frozen parts, to something as complex as trimming away branches and pulling loose foliage from inside the unit. Though it can seem like a hassle to do so, setting aside a few hours or a day to do so can pay off in the long run.

Check your thermostat

If you just got a new thermostat installed, the start of the new year is the best time to check it, so make sure to add this item to your HVAC maintenance checklist.

Your thermostat ensures that your system will turn on and shut off at certain temperatures, and any outstanding issues left unaddressed for too long will cause the system to malfunction. The solution may be as simple as recalibrating the thermostat or changing out its batteries.

Clean out your filters and ducts

More often than not, a dirty air filter can be the root cause of many HVAC problems, blocking the flow of air or even increasing the number of contaminants in the air blown into your home. This can cause health issues and can lead to your AC or furnace overheating.

Cleaning your ducts and regularly checking and replacing the air filters should be included on your air conditioner maintenance checklist, both to ensure a healthy environment and to prevent breakdowns.

Get in touch with Smart Air for professional HVAC maintenance

Ultimately, the most important thing to add to your HVAC maintenance checklist for the new year is professional annual maintenance. These steps are, after all, just the beginning.
Contacting a technician will help you catch issues and prevent them from worsening. Get in touch with Smart Air today!