common ac problems

3 most common AC problems

When something happens to your AC, it can be a huge inconvenience. Troubleshooting starts with identifying the problem.

Knowing some of the most common AC problems can be a huge help and can make resolving the issue faster. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few of the common problems experienced by homeowners. 

If you find that fixing the problem after identifying it is too complex, consider getting in touch with our team at Smart Air.

  1. Hot air is blowing out of the AC

One of the more common air conditioner problems you might face is hot air coming out of your home’s vents. When it’s already warm outside, hot air blowing into your home can make it uncomfortable.

The most likely causes are either a dirty air filter or something blocking the ductwork. Either one can cause the AC’s compressor to overheat, increasing the refrigerant’s temperature and reducing its cooling capabilities. 

If nothing is blocking the ducts and the filter’s clean, but you’re still experiencing this out of the many common AC problems, call one of our technicians to check your AC’s refrigerant levels.

  1. The AC is freezing or icing over

Having ice form on your AC’s coils, lines, or the outdoor unit is a possible sign that the system is working too hard to keep its cooling functionality working. 

Blockages are again one of the main causes, and are usually the culprit to many common air conditioner issues. In an effort to combat blockages and provide your home with the proper cooling that it needs, the AC may cool more than actually necessary. This causes any condensation on the coils outside to freeze. 

Simply clean out the ducts, replace your air filter, and carefully remove the ice that has formed. Of course, it’s also important to check your refrigerant line for any issues or stopped fans that may also cause the refrigerant to become too cold.

  1. Your AC keeps turning on and off

Another issue on our list of common air conditioner problems is AC systems constantly and repeatedly turning on and off on their own. Also called short cycling, this problem involves an AC unit stopping before a full cooling cycle completes, risking damage to the compressor unit.

A possible cause is, once again, a clogged or dirty air filter. Blocked airflow causes an overheated HVAC system that shuts off early to prevent damage before restarting a few moments later. Simply replace the filter to see if it solves your problem.

If that solution doesn’t work as it does with many common AC problems, check your thermostat, since a bad installation can also cause short cycling. Since the thermostat is what tells the AC to turn off when the temperature reaches a set level, any miscalibrations can cause it to turn off early. If this is the cause, you’ll need to contact a technician for help.

Having AC problems? Choose Smart Air!

These are just a few of the air conditioning problems and solutions that you might come across. Though many of these issues can be caused by blocked vents or a dirty air filter, it’s also important to check the other parts of your AC to ensure its proper functioning. 
If you need help doing so, consider contacting our team at Smart Air.