gas vs electric heater

Gas vs electric heater: 3 things to consider

Heating systems are vital, as they keep homes comfortable and easy to live in.

However, when the time comes to replace an old heater, you might find yourself having to choose between gas and electric heaters.

This guide covers some of the key points you and other homeowners need to consider before getting a new heating system. Once you’ve made the choice (or if you need help choosing the best option for your home), contact us at Smart Air to help!

  1. Heating efficiency

One of the main concerns a homeowner might have when making the decision between gas vs electric heaters is the amount of energy it uses to provide proper heating. Though it would be ideal to have a system that heats your home well while using a minimal amount of energy, many heaters often trade one aspect off for the other.

When comparing a gas heater vs electric heater, gas-powered heating systems have been noted to be far better at heating homes, which makes them a great choice for homes in colder climates. But if the heater uses any other gas than natural gas, there’s a high chance that energy use will be far higher.

  1. Installation costs

Long-term operation and installation costs are likely another important thing that a homeowner will consider when looking into new heaters. Similar to gas or electric heat efficiency, these particular costs also change depending on the fuel source used.

Buying and installing a new electric heater will often cost far less than gas systems. Typically, this is because electric heaters can simply connect to existing electrical outlets. Installing a new electric heater will cost roughly $2,000 to $4,000 total, while gas systems usually fall between $4,500 to $6,500.

  1. Your heater’s safety and maintenance needs

Safety and the ability to do proper maintenance on your heater are just as important when looking at gas vs electric heaters. When considering this factor, electric furnaces tend to come out on top due to their components. 

Since they don’t need to burn gas, electric heaters tend to be lower maintenance and also safer. However, if your home experiences a blackout, your electric heater will shut off too.

Contact Smart Air for help with your heater

When looking into getting a heating system, make sure to look into these key factors in regard to gas vs electric heaters. While electric heaters are less expensive, colder climates often require heating much faster and for longer periods.
Once you’ve made a choice on what kind of heater you need, contact us at Smart Air for installation help!