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Average cost of a new furnace in OKC

When your home’s current furnace fails and you need to replace it, or you simply want to switch over to a furnace from a different system, one question is often at the forefront of every homeowner’s mind.

What is the cost of a new furnace? 

While a simple price range can make answering that question easy, you and other homeowners may find that the final cost is more—or even less—than expected. So what influences that final cost? And, more importantly, what is the actual average cost for a new furnace in Oklahoma City?

What you need to consider before buying

When thinking about the cost of a new furnace, the first and most important things you’ll need to consider are your family and home’s specific needs. After all, no two homes are perfectly identical, and even if they are, the families that live in them are more than likely not going to be using their furnaces in the same way. 

Typically, the answer to “How much does a new furnace cost?” can vary greatly on a number of personal factors. So consider these aspects before you choose your new unit.

The system’s overall size

The larger any machine is, the more it’ll typically cost, which is why the size of a system is important to think about. The larger a system is, the more fuel it uses to run, so if you’re interested in a larger-sized furnace, you’ll definitely find it costing more than a smaller model. 

What fuel your furnace uses

The type of fuel used is also a key factor in the answer to “How much does a furnace cost?”. Like other HVAC systems, furnaces can use a wide range of different fuel sources to heat your home. However, electric models have been noted to be cheaper than gas or oil furnaces. 

Average costs depend on your home’s size

The last and most crucial factor in answering “How much is a new furnace?” is your home itself. While most furnaces cost an average of $3,600, different-sized models can cause the cost to fall between $2,500 to $8,000 or more.

This is primarily due to the size of your home and the BTU (British Thermal Units)—i.e., how much heat the home needs. 

Larger homes with larger square footage often need higher BTUs to evenly heat them. Higher BTUs, in turn, need larger furnaces to create a sufficient amount of heat. As a result, furnaces for 3,000+ sq. ft. homes will often cost $5,000 and more due to their surface area and the number of floors it needs to heat.

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Having a working heating system or furnace is crucial. However, the cost of a new furnace can change depending on its fuel use, the unit’s size, and the size of your home.
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