high electric bill

Ultimate guide to high electric bill savings

With all the appliances and parts of an HVAC system needed for use on a daily basis, a high electric bill can come as an unsurprising, but unwelcome monthly expense. Fortunately, there are many different ways to lower your electric bill and save money.

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Prevent gaps where air can escape

When it comes to how to keep your electric bill down, a common reason for high electric bills is due to the gaps left by open doors and windows. 

Especially during the winter and summer seasons, when your home’s HVAC system is being used far more often, these gaps can allow any cool or warm air to escape outside. To make up for it, your systems end up working longer than normal to reach desired temperatures.

In places like attics or crawl spaces, the amount of insulation within them can indirectly lead to higher electric bills. 

When your heating or cooling is in use, it’s important to close any doors or windows. Make sure you’re not leaving the system on for a long amount of time. You may also want to consider getting newer insulation installed.

Switch to energy-efficient alternatives where possible

When looking into ‘how to lower my electric bill’, you’ll find that switching to energy-efficient alternatives can help a lot in this regard. This might involve, for example, trying out smart switches, or changing out your old round light bulbs for new CFL or LED bulbs.

Many HVAC systems also offer different energy-efficient options to counteract high electric bills. Natural gas and electric systems are great options, with newer models operating in a more eco-friendly manner.

Consider upgrading your AC and furnace

Another way you can cut your electric bill in half is by upgrading your AC or furnace. Although this requires some initial spending when you have the system first installed, newer HVAC models use energy more efficiently, saving you money in the long run.

Less electricity will be used to heat or cool your home, so you’ll find your electricity expenses lowered.

Smart Air is here to help

Hopefully these tips to save money on an electric bill will help you. Lowering your high electric bill can involve using power less often, though energy-efficient devices are just as effective.
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