hvac winter tips

3 HVAC Winter Tips

During the frigid winter, many wonder what they should do to ready their furnaces and boilers. Many of the HVAC winter tips we’ve listed here are easy to do, but are essential to the upkeep of your HVAC system. 

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  1. Check and clean your air filters

The first and most important of these HVAC winter tips is checking the quality of your air filter when the weather gets colder. 

All sorts of HVAC problems are caused by dirty air filters, which restrict the proper flow of air. Your furnace is the system that’s most affected by this issue, with the heated air that should be blowing out through your vents getting trapped, slowly building up until the furnace overheats and stops working.

Simply checking and cleaning your air filter can help prevent this damage and help you avoid eventual failure from occurring. A clean air filter can also ensure that the air quality in your home or business is free of any contaminants, making it incredibly important to check the filter regularly. 

If you keep an HVAC system like your furnace constantly running, your filter will likely need replacing more often, so always keep a spare ready.

  1. Get a cover for your outdoor units

Another of our winter HVAC tips is buying a cover for your home or business’ heat pump, or any other outdoor unit. HVAC winter maintenance and upkeep becomes far easier with a good cover, since it protects it from sleet and snow. 

Many unit covers are fairly cheap, so it’s highly recommended that you get one for any and all of your HVAC systems’ outdoor units.

  1. Get your air ducts cleaned out

Another one of our HVAC tips for winter is to get your air ducts and vents cleaned out. 

While cleaning out dust from your vents is something you can easily do, it’s also highly recommended to consider having a professional do the job. Dust and debris are the most common causes of decreased air flow, though bugs and (on occasion) small creatures can find their way in, too. 

Aim to get the ducts cleaned at least once a year to protect your HVAC systems.

Protect your system with Smart Air

By following these HVAC winter tips and with proper care and upkeep, you can ensure your system’s maximum efficiency throughout winter. The care you give your HVAC in winter can also ensure that it lasts to the end of its intended lifespan and even beyond. 

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