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What Is a Dual-Fuel Heating System?

With more people becoming aware of the impact their lifestyle has on the planet, homeowners are looking into newer and more efficient heating systems. 

Systems that are both effective in extreme cold and hot temperatures while also being relatively environmentally friendly have found popularity, particularly dual-fuel heating systems.

You might be wondering what exactly a dual fuel system is. We’ve written this guide to answer that. If you’re interested in learning more about these systems and want to get one installed, consider contacting our technicians at Smart Air.

What is a dual fuel heating system?

As the name suggests, a dual-fuel heater uses two separate systems, each with its own individual fuel source. Typically, a standard dual-fuel system is made out of an electric-powered heat pump and a main gas furnace. This allows the furnace system to be as effective at heating a home as possible while also providing a good backup heating system if the need for it arises. 

During the colder seasons, heat pumps are frequently used and are an integral part of a home’s heating system. However, there can be times when it freezes, doesn’t work as efficiently, or malfunctions. 

When this happens, the thermostat will automatically turn on the backup heating system (i.e., the gas furnace). This allows your home or business to remain heated, providing enough time for the heat pump to thaw or get repaired.

Is a dual fuel heating system worth the cost?

Many homeowners come to the conclusion that a dual fuel heating system is expensive. While this can be correct, depending on several factors (like whether you need to install a new system entirely), the benefits can often make the choice a worthwhile one.

Though many claims that dual fuel heating systems are far better for homes in warmer climates where the winters aren’t harsh, many system models available today work well regardless of climate, with its heating capabilities being just as effective. Depending on your city or town’s location, you might even have access to models designed specifically for harsher winters.

With high upfront costs for new installations that can go up to several thousands of dollars, though, many homeowners may still wonder whether it’s worth it when their home’s heating works fine. Ultimately, the answer is a resounding yes. 

In addition to being eco-friendly, you end up saving between 30 and 50% of your home’s energy costs. And since heat pumps can be used year-round, you only ever need one system. The result is that your newly installed dual fuel HVAC system pays off its cost within a few years.

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Dual fuel heating systems are incredibly versatile. Thanks to their eco-friendly nature and cost-effectiveness, many homeowners are opting to have them installed.
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