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AC running but not cooling? Here’s why

Your air conditioner can be the difference between comfort and suffering through the sweltering heat on a hot day.

But there’s nothing worse than when you find your AC running but not cooling. There are many possible reasons for this, and it’s important to take the time to carefully check your system for any abnormalities.

This article will go over why your AC may not be working properly, as well as what to do if your air conditioner is not cooling. If you find yourself experiencing problems, contact our team at Smart Air for help.

Your condenser unit may be blocked

If you find yourself asking, “Why is my AC running but not cooling?”, check your outdoor condenser unit. More often than not, grass, dirt, or other kinds of debris can block the unit’s coil from either the inside or outside. All that’s needed to fix the issue is clearing out any debris.

If there’s nothing around the condenser unit, remove the outer casing and check the coils. The condenser’s coils look like thin metal fins, and they can easily become jammed by grass or leaves. Clean it off before testing the unit again.

The system might have a refrigerant leak

In some cases, the cause behind your home’s central air not cooling can be a little more complex. Much like the plumbing in your home, your air conditioner can experience leaks, though it’s far rare. The leak can often be found in the system’s refrigerant line.

The repair, though simple, requires a specialist or a technician’s help. Refrigerant is a unique kind of liquid that needs a specific license to handle—one that only an HVAC technician has. 

Additionally, all air conditioners have a specific amount of refrigerant in the system. Depending on your AC’s model, the amount needed after a leak can vary greatly, and only a qualified technician can properly refill refrigerant after repairing leaks.

The air filter is dirty

If an AC is blowing cold air but not cooling rooms, check the system’s air filter. 

Air filters are prone to getting dirty since they’re part of the air conditioner system that’s responsible for trapping any dirt or debris to prevent it from entering your house. When enough debris sticks to the filter, it can drastically reduce the flow of cool air.

The solution to this is incredibly simple: just replace the air filter and you should be getting cool air again. Many air filters vary greatly from each other, with some even being washable.

Is your AC running but not cooling? Get in touch with Smart Air

When your AC stops cooling as it should, finding out the cause can be incredibly important. Often, the cause is simple and can be easily fixed. But if you find that the problem is persisting, it’s important to get the help of a professional. For this, you can contact our team at Smart Air!